Cooperation Circles

URI合作圈是一个自我组织的团体,至少有七名成员,他们遵循三种或三种以上的信仰传统——包括无神论者、不可知论者和人文主义者——采取任何形式的行动来创造和平的文化, 正义, 和治疗

学习如何 become a Cooperation Circle.



"Our purpose is: to promote interfaith cooperation among religions in Cebu; to conserve and protect the environment especially in Cebu with a focus on solid waste management; to provide livelihood endeavors for our partner organizations; and to promote participative governance, 领导力和良好的公民意识重视教育."

Charter for Compassion

“CQ9电子的目的是支持一场全球运动的出现,使《CQ9》成为现实. 这样做, we are a network of networks: connecting organizers and leaders from around 世界; providing 教育al resources, 组织工具, and avenues for communication; sharing lessons, CQ9, and inspiration; and providing the umbrella of the Charter for Compassion for conferences, 事件, 合作, 建立富有同情心的社区和机构的对话和倡议."

Colourful Segbroek (IBS) CC.

“CQ9电子的目的是促进海牙Segbroek多文化和多宗教地区的和平共处, The 荷兰); to contribute to and enhance the livability and the cosmopolitan feel of this district; and to organize activities, 与其他机构的会议和项目带来了社会变革, such as the work to prevent poverty.”


“CQ9电子的目的是解决贫困问题, 失业, 气候变化与环境保护, 并向艾滋病感染者和受其影响的人提供支持. CQ9电子计划通过改变社会行为来实现这一点, communication and advocacy, 加强社区护理服务和生活技能,促进和平与人权,特别是儿童和妇女权利."