Enjoy videos showcasing peacebuilding work around the world, courtesy of the URI community.


由山姆·沃特斯顿主持, this documentary series highlights some of the stories of URI members around the world that are working to make a positive difference in their community and beyond. This episode, CQ9的力量, aired as part of the 24th season of The Visionaries. 看到 更多的信息.


URI's Accelerate Peace conference brought peacebuilders from around the world together to discuss challenges to peace, both in their local communities and on an international level, and to realize action-oriented solutions benefitting all of humanity. 更多信息请访问http://warsawwallys.com/accelerate-peace


什么是联合宗教倡议? Our Global Staff and Global Council Trustees share their views on what it means to be part of an international interfaith peacebuilding movement.


当你加入 人民团结运动, your investment and efforts elevate hope and have a positive impact on communities around the world.


当一位前国务卿, 前国防部长, 几位美国大使, 著名的物理学家, and a few friends pray each month for the elimination of nuclear weapons, 这引发了很多问题. What do they know that everyone needs to know? 他们为什么要祈祷? 他们的祷告是什么?  

在这个视频中, you are invited to view the unfolding of this prayer and to meet these veterans of nuclear negotiations:

•尊敬的威廉. Perry, former Secretary of Defense under President Clinton
•尊敬的乔治. Shultz, former Secretary of State under President Reagan
• Dr. Sidney Drell, Professor Emeritus at the Stanford Linear Accelerator 
•James E大使. Goodby, former Strategic Nuclear Arms Negotiator with the U.S.S.R.
• Ambassador Thomas Graham, Jr, former Senior U.S. 外交官 
• Jonathan Granoff, President of the Global Security Institute 
• Monica Willard, 联合宗教倡议 Representative to the United Nations 
•正确的Rev. 威廉·E. 摇摆不定的, 前加州圣公会主教, and President and Founder of the 联合宗教倡议 

Voices for a World Free of Nuclear Weapons is part of the 联合宗教倡议; an international nonprofit that brings together people of all faiths and traditions to solve the problems facing our world as a whole.

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12月24日, 2015, the 联合宗教倡议 hosted a groundbreaking interfaith program on the theme "May Peace Prevail on Earth" for CBS Television Network stations across the United States. 根据尼尔森的收视率, the special was viewed by more than 4 million US viewers, while a large international audience tuned in online.

Learn more, and see more video clips from the URI interfaith television special, 在这里.

URI's special television broadcast introduces audiences to the world of interfaith peacebuilding.

We take you on a journey celebrating the work of extraordinary people from across the globe, and offer an antidote to the despair and devastating news that have taken over our day to day lives. From a one-of-a-kind Christmas Eve celebration in San Francisco to the war-torn streets of the Middle East and conflict-ridden cities of Western 非洲, join us as we explore extraordinary stories of cooperation across religious divides, 收到来自世界各地的祝福, 打开这份和平的礼物.

前国务卿乔治. 舒尔茨赞扬URI

他在美国国会作证时.S. Senate Committee on Armed Services on January 29, 2015, former Secretary of State George Shultz closed his remarks by speaking of URI and ways - beyond military and diplomatic efforts - that are relevant for harmonizing Christian and Muslim societies.


We unite people of diverse faiths into a dynamic web of relationships for building peace.


In 1993, the United Nations invited Bishop 摇摆不定的 to host a large interfaith service for their 50th anniversary. 他问自己, “If the nations of the world are working together for peace through the UN, 那么世界上的宗教在哪里呢? 从那时起, thousands of people from different cultures and perspectives have shared their visions and worked together to create URI: the CQ9电子 

出现的是一种包容 宪章 that provides a unique, grassroots-based structure and a 一套原则 为了共同利益而采取行动, connecting people across religions and cultures in the service of peace and justice. With the signing of this 宪章, the global URI organization was born on June 26, 2000.


一个URI 合作圈 is a self-organizing group of at least seven members from at least three religions, 精神上的表情, or indigenous traditions—including atheists and agnostics.

合作圈 work on two levels: by giving people of different backgrounds a chance to work together, and by tackling important community issues their members care about.


现在,比以往任何时候, 成为催化剂 满足世界各地建设和平的需要. 每一份贡献都很重要. 感谢您的考虑.